Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is either a great idea, or a waste of time

I think we need to apologize.

I think we need to admit that we messed up.

I think we need to stop getting caught up in the details and get back to the point of the Christianity thing.

That point being Jesus. That point being forgiveness. That point being that if we screw up, it's OKAY, because two thousand years ago, the son of God took responsibility for our failings.

To that memory and for his sake we do our best to live our lives in a way that would make him proud. To live in a way that demonstrates his love for us to the world we live in.

But unfortunately, we're flawed, sinful people, and every day, we do stupid things that make Jesus look like nothing more than Pam Anderson's homeboy. We make mistakes - a lot of them.

Some of them are fleeting, like when we cut someone off in traffic, while the back of our car sports an icthus. Some are devastating, like the Inquisition or the crusades.

We never - ever - know what kind of an impact we're going to have on the world around us, and so often, that impact is a negative one.

So before we run off to Africa with bags of oatmeal or invite our friends to church, lets admit something, all of us, together.

We're Sorry.

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Murex Brandaris said...

I think what you're trying to do here is intensely admirable. I'm not even Christian and I respect and appreciate this idea. The sum totality of sins and abominations apparent members of the faith may not be entirely your fault, but like it or not we can all offend, step on toes and ruin days, and you know what? I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry for yelling at my brother over stupid crap. I'm sorry for things I've said and done and who knows what effect they've had?

So from, not an atheist, or a Caucasian, or a male, but from a person and resident of this shared earth, I'd like to be the second to say: I'm sorry.

-Chris Moore