Saturday, November 8, 2008

Debunking Common Myths in Modern Christianity

1) The consumption of alcohol is not innately sinful.

2) EDIT: Jesus is not a Republican. Or a Democrat.

3) Reading Harry Potter does not make you a witch/wizard.

4) Homosexuals are not sub-human.

5) EDIT: The great majority of us disagree with Jerry Falwell.

6) Pokemon is not a tool of the devil.

7) "Secular" music is not a bad thing.

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More coming later this week.


Ken G said...

Niether does voting republican...

Aaron said...

Of course not. I probably should have said "Jesus is not a Republican. Or a Democrat."

Will consider revising.

Ben said...

8. I'm not real sure a banana proves God created everything.

9. Jesus probably had a mullet.

10. There is some really good worship music out there, you just have to look.

Murex Brandaris said...

I think I might do a thing on perceived notions on atheists now.

Good post. You're going places, kid.

seannj427 said...

My favorite myth: (perhaps a bit controversal and not universally applied) --> Women should not be pastors?
Yes I'm a dude but I think women who are called to minister should not be prevented from doing so. Yesterday I heard this fantastic sermon by a seminary student called "Yes We Can".
really it's quite well done. This is proof that woman can and should be ministers, at least in our culture. Check it out, it's a great message for the post election crowd (all of us).


Aaronus Prime said...

I agree with you, Sean. I mean, yeah, there's that passage in the new testament where Paul talks about it (I can't remember the reference, Corinthians something?), but he was writing to a specific church which was having some very specific problems. I don't recall Jesus himself ever saying that women can't preach.