Monday, May 18, 2009

Substandard Avatars

This is an old argument, and so I'll be as brief and concise as possible.

You may know that I work in a music store. My job description falls neatly under the moniker of Customer Service, and consists primarily of helping people find and purchase things.

A woman approached me tonight asking for a particular Christian artist, one I'd never heard of, but which she insisted was, "extremely popular". After looking for several minutes, and exhausting every method available to me in an attempt to locate it, I informed her as politely as I was able that I couldn't find it, we didn't have it, and I wouldn't be able to sell it to her. This sequence of events repeats itself often, and I am no stranger to the rigors of its execution. Normally this is where the story stops, and as one can see, is so unremarkable that it hardly warrants being called a story at all.

But this time was different, and it remains in the forefront of my mind more than two hours later.

Her demeanor was that of a person who's time is being wasted by someone far less intelligent than herself. She repeated no fewer than three times, "Well if you just check your thing I'm sure you'll find it." I explained to her just as many times that there is no "thing" to check, but that I require the correct spelling of an artist's name in order to look them up in the system. She was unable to provide me with said spelling.

Her two young children (aged perhaps six and eight respectively [this is a rough approximation]) were allowed to roam unsupervised throughout the entirety of my store, running this way and that while playing havoc with the organization of the CD racks. At one point I caught them rooting through the "adult" DVDs like pigs after carrots. It should not fall to me to stop the children of a "Christian" woman from burrowing into a stack of pornography, but I did it anyway.

After finally managing to convince her that the CD was nowhere to be found and that there was nothing more I could do for her, she dismissed me with, "well I guess you just don't carry the most popular artists." And then she just left.

Every single thing that you do serves as a representation of Christ's character, and whether or not it's an accurate one is beside the point. When you trump around a retail store like you own it, disrespect the employees, allow your children to run rampant, and do so in pursuit of a Christian album that you just have to get your hands on, you make us all out to be self-serving morons.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that people like this are the ones which often serve as the face of Christianity. Never mind world hunger relief efforts or pregnancy centers when there are arrogant and irresponsible jerks to talk about.


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